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020 - A Parent's Passions

What lights your soul? What is your soul’s purpose? What excites you? Pursuing your passion makes you a better parent. Details in this episode. Listen in.

019 - A Patient Parent

Patience is one of the best qualities a parent can possess. In the episode, discover how you can be a more patient parent. Listen in!

018 - A Parent’s Health

As a parent, staying in good health is important for two reasons - to have the stamina to support your child and also enjoy longevity. Here are a few keys to achieving that.

017 - A Loving Parent

Being a more loving parent is essential in bringing your children closer to you. Listen for tips on becoming a more loving you.

016 - A Peaceful Parent

Finding peace in your personal life will help your children enjoy peace, predictability and stability in their own lives. How do you find personal peace? Listen in.

015 - A Parent's Attitude

A parent’s attitude, whether positive or negative, affects how their children relate with them. In this episode, learn to develop a positive attitude. Listen in.

014 - A Parent's Mindset

A parent's mindset - how they view things - plays a huge role in parenting! In this episode, learn how to develop the right mindset.

The relationships you keep as a parent have a profound influence on your child's achievement. Don't believe it? Listen and learn!

A Parent's level of confidence in their own abilities directly relates to how they believe in, and treat, their children.

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