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015 - A Parent's Attitude

A parent’s attitude, whether positive or negative, affects how their children relate with them. In this episode, learn to develop a positive attitude. Listen in.

014 - A Parent's Mindset

A parent's mindset - how they view things - plays a huge role in parenting! In this episode, learn how to develop the right mindset.

The relationships you keep as a parent have a profound influence on your child's achievement. Don't believe it? Listen and learn!

A Parent's level of confidence in their own abilities directly relates to how they believe in, and treat, their children.

011 - A Parent's Tone

In this Episode of The RHAPS Podcast, you will learn that words matter when communicating with your child. Not only do words matter, the tone in which you communicate those words c...

Effective parenting begins with personal happiness. How to find and enjoy personal happiness.

Listen as Alicia shares some strategies that helped her support her son who has Aspergers. 

London Porter shares two powerful principles from his book Live Better Dads Live Better Daughters. He also shares what it means to be a good father and other brilliant thoughts. C...

Help your child succeed in Math! In today's society, not having good math skills puts your child at a disadvantage with everyday living and career choice. Listen and learn from a ...

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